Drawing: Michael Cusack, CEO at Corbyn Construction LTD
located in East London.

Since publishing “Corbyn Construction LTD: Large Construction Contractor exploits cheap and illegal labor in UK ”,  the author has received several alleged victims that have come forward claiming abuses alleged by Irish owned construction firms in UK, such as Corbyn LTD.  The sources of these messages did not want to be identified in fear of retaliation as some are currently still employed by such construction companies.   It is noted that the claims have not been verified but the messages  were consistent in fear and disgust against the owners of such construction companies named in the “Corbyn Construction LTD: Large Construction Contractor exploits cheap and illegal labor in UK ” article.     Messages from these former and current have trickled in concurring with the opinions of the article.   Alleged former and current employees claim of racism towards S. Asian, Muslim, and Eastern European workers.  These alleged victims have suspected their wages were routinely shorted and often worked long hours in unsafe conditions without the mandated Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).   There was even some that have suspected  widespread bribery for “pay to work” schemes in construction companies owned by Irish owners, such as Corbyn Construction LTD

Are people willing to allow developing on the backs of modern slave labor for slick flats and modern wharfs, such as the New Union Wharf development?  It is disillusioning to hear the alleged abuses that are occurring in a supposed “modern age of technology and innovation”.  These claims, albeit unverified, are sending smoke signals of the cost of morality for the sake of modernization.  Citizens of nearby communities where these companies develop need to do some self-examination as to the ethical concerns of how they wish to construct a thriving and humane community.    It is time for businesses and consumers to evolve.  Europe is already slipping in it’s ranking for “World’s Worst Countries for Workers” index. In this 2018 index, UK was scored as a “Regular Violations of Rights” which shared the same category as some African countries (Lesotho,  Congo, and Liberia).  

We are living in an age where some Presidents are declaring “Trade Wars” and uncertainties that come with Brexit are problematic for employers and laborers. The realities of Brain Drain is consequence of the declining working conditions in the UK.   If the UK wishes to compete in an age of rapid innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, we need to develop ethical and humane working standards to keep the country’s labor intact.